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Roof Cleaning Explained

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There is no easier way to improve and maintain the attractiveness of your property than to keep the roof and exterior properly cleaned and maintained. 

The blackened areas and streaks that you see on your roof making it look "dirty" are actually the result of algae and bacteria that are feeding, growing, and spreading on your roof.

In addition to making roofs look unsightly, these algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) can damage your roof and reduce your roof's  lifespan 

This premature degradation of your roof can end up costing thousands of dollars over time. In addition, the algae and bacteria on your roof can become airborne and spread - not just to other roofs but also into the air that we breathe. Airborne contaminants
have the potential to cause discomfort and health issues for people with asthma and allergies.

The Safe Roof Cleaning process that is employed by South Florida SealCoat has been developed over the past 20 years and is the process that is recommended by the leading shingle and tile
manufactures as well as the Roof Cleaning Institute of America.

Safe Roof Cleaning

OUR Process

When our Safe Roof Cleaning Technicians arrive at your home, they will assess your roof and perform a complete inspection of the overall condition. Any issues that we think you should be aware of will be brought to your attention and photographed for your records.

Next, out technicians will apply the first coat of cleaner.  Using a low pressure spray to apply a specially formulated, proprietary, cleaning solution which includes Sodium Hypochlorite (active ingredient in chlorine bleach and other solutions), two cleaning surfactants (ingredients used in soaps) and an algae/ fungus inhibitor prevent algae, fungus, and mold from returning to your roof.

The first coat of cleaner is a direct application to the more severe areas; this will allow those areas to dwell for 10 - 15 minutes prior to the full application.

The second coat is a full application to your roof. This coat will eradicate 99.9% of all algae, mold and bacteria and restore the proper appearance to your discolored shingles and tiles.

The third coat completes the cleaning and leaves a clear film on your roof with the cleaning agents encapsulated in the film.  This is an intentional and an important part of our mix design and process.  Our cleaning solution is designed to re-activate and continue to clean your roof during the next 2-3 rains.  You will see your roof go from dirty and infested, to clean, to simply amazing.


When our technicians have completed your Safe Roof Cleaning, you will see immediate results, but your roof will actually look it's best after a good rain or two. The reason for this is twofold. First, is because the rain will effectively rinse the residual dead algae, mold, and mildew from the roof. Second, our cleaning solution is formulated to leave a clear film on your roof with the cleaning agents encapsulated in the film.  This is an intentional and an important part of our mix design and process. Our cleaning solution will re-activate and continue to clean your roof during the next 2-3 rains.  Again, you will see your roof go from dirty and infested, to clean, to simply amazing.

With a Safe Roof Cleaning by South Florida SealCoat most roofs will stay free of visible algae, moss and lichen growth for  anywhere from  2-4 years, AND South Florida SealCoat backs our SAFE ROOF CLEANING System with a Two Year Spot-Free Warranty..!!

South Florida SealCoat STRONGLY encourages all of our clients to consider Safe Roof Cleaning as their cleaning method of choice.

That being said, South Florida SealCoat does offer pressure cleaning for your roof as an option to customers who insist
on their tile roof being pressure cleaned.
Roof Pressure Cleaning

Flat concrete tiles, ceramic tiles, clay tiles and barrel tiles, (in good condition) can usually be pressure cleaned, and it is "initially" the most economical of your two options. However, when broken down as a cost analysis, (cost vs. longevity), Safe Roof Cleaning is the far more economical option in the long run.

A roof which has been pressure cleaned does show immediate results, but please bare in mind, pressure cleaning is a cosmetic solution only.

The surface of your roof will be clean, free of visible surface mold, mildew and algae. HOWEVER, pressure cleaning your roof DOES NOT KILL the spores or bacterium on your tile. In fact, it spreads them over the entire surface of your roof, as well as your walkways, patio, plants, flowers and grass as the dirty, infested water runs off your roof.

Here in South Florida, because of our warm weather, excessive moisture and humidity, the mold, mildew and algae will return fairly quickly. It's not uncommon for the black or green streaks caused by the algae, to begin to reappear in as little as 3 - 9 months after a pressure cleaning

There are MANY untrained, fly by night scammers and weekend warriors out there pressure cleaning roofs.

There are some limitations and risks that you should be aware of, an untrained / inexperienced roof cleaner will often break or damage your tiles (tiles will chip, crack & break).  Even experienced roof cleaning professionals will occasionally  break or damage tiles. Pressure washing a tile roof requires walking all over it. The more foot traffic all over your roof, combined with the use of high pressure means that there is greater the potential for accidental damage.

In addition, pressure cleaning your roof WILL erode your tiles, will loosen and destroy granules and put enormous stresses on weak or cracked pointing (the mortar used on tile roofs). Over time pressure cleaning will also bleed the color from your tiles. It greatly reduces the life of your roof which is why pressure approved NOT Approved or recommended by shingle, tile or roofing manufacturers.

That being said, South Florida SealCoat does offer pressure cleaning of your roof as an option for structurally sound tile roofs.

South Florida SealCoat takes great care when pressure cleaning your roof, however, all roofing systems when pressure cleaned are subject to erosion, granule loss and color fading from the roofing tiles. When authorizing South Florida SealCoat to pressure clean your roof, you the client, AGREE TO HOLD South Florida SealCoat, HARMLESS for granule loss, related erosion, stresses and color fade caused by pressure cleaning.

Shingle Roofs - LOW  IS THE ONLY  WAY TO GO

The Use of  High Pressure to clean your Shingle Roof has the potential to produce significant damage to your shingles and roofing system as a whole. 

Evidence of pressure cleaning your shingles or of damage to your roof caused by pressure cleaning can void any remaining warrantee from the shingle manufacturer and can in many cases void your insurance coverage on the roof. (Tile roofs damaged by pressure cleaning are also subject potential denied insurance claims or coverage) 

The high pressure will blow away the granules on shingles and can render them ineffective. High pressure has also been known to tear shingles or damage the attachment systems. 

South Florida SealCoat does NOT offer pressure cleaning services for shingle roofs of any kind. Our Low pressure Safe Roof Cleaning Solution is safe, follows the shingle & tile manufacturer's guidelines, and minimizes the potential for costly damage to your roof.